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All of these buildings have areas with activities taking part that will be acoustically demanding to get the best performance for whatever their needs. These can be treated with high quality acoustic fabric wrapped panels which can be individually made to suit your needs. There is a wide range of shapes and colours that can be fitted to existing walls and ceilings, can even cut around existing services such as electric sockets and lighting. By treating these areas with acoustic panels it will cut out any unwanted reverberation noise from hard reflective surfaces, creating a quieter calmer environment for your pleasure.


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Living in today’s environment many buildings have problems with unwanted airborne and impact noise within their living compartments, creating leaking noise into their neighbours living space becoming an unhealthy living environment. We can help resolve these situations with a quick and simple soundproofing method using high quality sound proofing materials, by building separate compartment walls, ceilings and flooring resolve these problems that occur.



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